I looked at a lot of the free sites and just ended up frustrated before I decided to go to paid tattoo site and check out their tattoo graphics.

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They have thousands of  tattoo designs sorted into categories so that you can find the kind of tattoo you want easily. You can also bookmark particular tattoo designs which makes it easy to go back and review you favorites. Or combine two or more designs so that you can see what your going to get well beforehand. With so many categories and the ability to combine a design or two you are sure to able to get a tattoo graphic that is just what you imagined. No one wants to be quickly flipping through a folder at the tattoo studio trying to decide on spot.This way you print out your tattoo flash ahead and take it with you, no unpleasant surprises.

I really liked the epic gallery where you can rate and review members photos of their tattoos. The only down side was that it took a while for them to answer a support request. On the other hand questions in the discussion forum were answered quickly.

Another helpful section is the studio directory where you can see review of tattoo studios in 38 countries. Here members share their experiences both good and bad using a 5 star rating system as well as comments.

I thought that their site was so good that I have become a sponsored reviewer.

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Finding the tattoo design that has meaning for you is not the only thing to consider when you decide to get a tattoo, you also need to make sure you find a good tattoo artist. After all, if your carefully chosen tattoo is not drawn well, you are going to be disappointed in the result.

The first task in finding a good tattoo studio in your area is to ask around for recommendations from friends and associates. Then go and talk to a couple of the most highly recommended tattoo artists. Ask the tattooist if you can see samples of their work? How may tattoos have they done? Are they experienced? Also ask if they guarantee their work. If the final image isn’t what you expected, will it be corrected at no charge? Or do they have a refund policy?

I also recommend checking out their sterilization practices and qualification. Ask them what are the chances of infection are and do they give advice on preventing of infection?

Lastly, ask for a quote on the cost of your tattoo. While it is good to know ahead what it will cost, I think it’s more important to feel confident that the artist is going to do a good job, and that the risk of infection is minimal.

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Hey  Lauren here,

If your still frustrated looking for your own perfect tattoo, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and you should keep reading. When I decided to get my tattoo I spent ages looking for just the right tattoo graphic for me. I wanted it to be special and meaningful. After all I was going to have it for a long time. I didn’t wont to wake up one morning and wish I’d picked something different. I spent hours looking at free tattoo galleries and heaps of tattoo flash trying to find the right one.  I also bought some stuff and finally I found what I was looking for.  I know how frustrating the search can be so I decided to start this blog so that  I can help others find the best places to look for their tattoo design.

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